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Please check back here for news about the association and its repeaters.

February 24, 2019

KK4KKS is developing a new and under construction, crisp, state of the art website using modern web crafting, database, and validating tools. This web site will allow new members to join, enter their information, and pay online, among many other features. To view the development and test site, enter "https://nvfma.org/dev/" in your browser. KQ4CI will maintain and update this existing site using a steam powered typewriter, until such time the proposed new site is on line.

February 21, 2019

NVFMA welcomes W5DJV as a Member, and Director! Daniel became a member at the last General Meeting, and was subsequently elected to the Board by the General Membership. Daniel is the youngest Member of NVFMA, and the youngest Director ever! We look forward to LONG and faithful service by W5DJV.

July 2, 2018

The 220 repeater is off the air for the time being.  We have identified what we think is the source of the interference and are working to get it fixed so we can turn 220 back on.  We will update here when we know more. 

June 30, 2018

Thanks to a work party this weekend, all of the antennas were placed, everything is permanently grounded and the final cables have been run.  The interference issue with 220 was able to be tracked and identified so we can work with our County partners to get that fixed and the duplexers for 79 were tuned.   Thanks to K7BC, KD4LQS, KW4UJ, N4QWK, W4YHD and KM4EFL for their help!

Installing yagis

January 6, 2018

Both the 79 and 220 repeaters are back on-line at the new site.  Some clean up work at the site is left to do and working on getting the remotes back on-line for 79 remains a priority.  Many thanks to all those who have helped to make the move possible. 

December 17, 2017

A work party today got the new repeater antennas up on the new site and feed line was permanently installed.  Many thanks to W4YHD, K7BC, KM4EFL and KD4LQS for all of their hard work!  We hope to have the machines back on-line in their new home, soon!!


September 24, 2017

We need your support! The NVFMA provides multiple repeaters across three sites in Northern Virginia.  Please consider becoming a member to support these wide coverage machines.  To join or renew please click the "Membership" button at the top of this page, download the form, fill out said form and snail mail it with your check to:

Northern Virginia FM Association

3867 Plaza Drive

Fairfax, VA 22030

Thank you for your continued support! We look forward to hearing you on the repeaters. 73 KQ4CI


Last Updated February 24, 2019