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The NVFMA supports eight repeaters and two digipeaters, at two main transmitter sites in the Fair Oaks and Tysons Corner areas of Fairfax County and three outlying receiver sites.  Through these sites our repeaters provide coverage to Northern Virginia area, especially Fairfax County. The various machines have different features available to the membership.

The Association holds the club call of NV4FM.  All club machines except the 220 machine are identified with the NV4FM call, and the 220 machine will be changed as time allows.  Technical matters dealing with the machines are coordinated by a team of volunteers working with the repeater managers to make sure that the machines are providing the highest level of service and availability to the membership and the amateur community at large.

Repeater Frequency Status Offset PL Tone Manager Location Remotes
146.790 Ok -600 KHz TX 77.0 K7BC City of Fairfax OFF
146.910 Ok -600 KHz TX 77.0 WD5DBC Tyson's Corner No
224.100 Ok -1.6 MHz None W4YHD City of Fairfax No
447.025 Ok -5.0 MHz None KA3RQR Tyson's Corner No
53.610 Ok -1.0 MHz 67.0 KQ4CI Ashburn No
145.73 OFF Simplex None K7BC City of Fairfax No
144.39 OFF Simplex None K7BC City of Fairfax No
D-Star Stack
Repeater Frequency Status Offset Mode Call Sign Location Manager
145.340 Ok - 600 KHz DV NV4FM  C Tyson's Corner AF4PM
448.035 Ok - 5.0 MHz DV NV4FM  B Tyson's Corner AF4PM
1282.800 Ok - 12.0 MHz DV NV4FM  A Tyson's Corner AF4PM
1254.200 Ok Simplex DD NV4FM  A Tyson's Corner AF4PM

  Last Updated July 22, 2018